I was just diagnosed with psoriasis and I feel like my life is over, would you date someone with psoriasis?

So as the title says I just found out that I got psoriasis. I'm only 17 years old and I seriously feel like my life is over, I only got minor outbreaks atm (inner thigs) but I'm afraid that it will spread to my scalp and legs and since there is no cure there isn't anything I can do to stop it. The disease runs in my family so there is no way I could have stopped it and I don't know what to do.

I've got to know this really cool and beautiful girl but now I don't know if I should continue getting to know her, why would a pretty girl like that date someone with psoriasis? I'm getting more and more depressed every day and I don't even know if I'll ever be as happy as I was before I found out about this shit.

So I guess I'm just wondering if there are any girls out there that would date a guy with psoriasis, and please be honest with me!

*If you got any experience with this thing then please feel free to share since I don't know much..

** psoriasis is a disease that makes your skin cells reproduce faster thus creating execive skin + red and itchy areas beneath it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think those who doesn't understand the nature of what psoriasis is, they will be turned off with you if they will see that..
    For those who understand, for sure they will accept you for who you are..
    If possible, I'd suggest go for the girls who has good attitude, smart and works/studies in healthcare field (like nurse or doctor)..

    I've known some patients having psoriasis. It is non-curable but you could prevent it from becoming severe.. Avoid oily foods, stress, and avoid being depressed so that it won't aggravate.. it comes and goes.. it usually appears a lot when your immune system is weak.. so to prevent your immune system to be weak, eat healthy foods, think of good thoughts, exercise and avoid negative vibes..

    • Oh thanks for the advice, is there any way to stop it from spreading or is it pretty much downhill from here?

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    • Okay thanks, and I exercise a lot&am in good form and I try to eat as healthy as possible!

    • welcome :) okay thats good to know..

Most Helpful Guy

  • Talk to your doctor about Enbril. I take it for arthritis and from what I've heard, it does wonders for psoriasis.

    • I've got an appointment next Monday so hopefully the doctor will know what to do, and thanks!

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What Girls Said 5

  • I have it also. I'm 29, nobody has ever said anything about it. Mine is on my scalp & elbows. Relationships are based on other things. Don't worry too much about it. I know it seems hard (I was 17 when I found out too) but life has so many other things that need your attention. I rarely think about it until it flares up. You'll be ok. It gets better.

    • Thank you! Means a lot!

  • I used to have a big crush on a guy with psoriasis. He had it all over his arms and I never really thought/cared about it.

    • Encouraging to hear, thanks!

  • Honestly, it would totally depend on how severe it is, and if I'd be capable of getting used to it or not. So I really can't say.

    • Yeah I totally understand, if you had asked me the same question 1 week ago I probably would've answered as you

  • It doesn't matter, it's what in the inside should count

    • True, but your appearance is still important..

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    • Sorry to hear that, I guess some of us just are unlucky..

    • I have a boyfriend as well, he doesn't care at all. He still calls me beautiful. One more thing, I don't see it as unlucky, I see it as unique. I'm not afraid to show people what my arms look like, and if they want to judge me off of something I can't control, then they're obviously retarded. Embrace any that's different about you, because being normal is just well, basic.

  • Calm down dude you're acting like you have leprosy! No you shouldn't give up on a girl you really like bc you think she might react badly, give her a chance not all hot chicks are shallow like that. Yes, you'll probably come across a few but fuck them. Personally I have a scar on my face that, to me, looks like Frankenstein but noone else notices it, stop overthinking you're only 17.

    • Yeah but what If that shit spreads to my face/hands? That is what worries me the most, I'm 17 I shouldn't have to go around worrying about what other's think about a disease I can't control nor did cause. Fck this srs...

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    • I understand why you're angry you're only 17 and kids that age can be dicks but dont what if too much just take it as it comes is all I'm saying.

    • Yeah you're right, no point in giving up before the fight has begun.

What Guys Said 1

  • I think that you really should read about uvb lamps - https://uvb-lamps.com/ . They are often used for treating psoriasis and they are quite effective according to what I know so maybe that's a good option for you. So I advise you to learn some more information on the topic.


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