Girls, would you date a guy who has had sex with your coworkers?

If I wanted to date a girl, do you think she would be bothered by the fact that I've had sex with some of her coworkers? We work in an office building and I'm in a different department and two of her coworkers came onto me at different times and we had sex. Both encounters were kinda recent but were nothing but flings. I'd say that she's acquaintances at least with both of them, but neither are her BFF's or anything and she works in a large department with about 100 other people.
I've only known the girl I'm interested in for a month and I didn't know I wanted to go out with her yet when this all happened.


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  • I wouldn't give the office thot the time of day. He can run through them other hoes but he won't do it to me. Once I know a guy has slept with a girl at the office then he's off limits to me. there actually is a guy like that at my job and he wonders why I wouldn't give him anything more than a smile and a handshake.

    • I'm not just trying to sleep with her I want to take her out on dates.

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    • Perception is everything tho. That's 2 women in the same bldg that she knows about. It kinda would look like you're trying to run through the company. If it were me I just wouldn't trust your intentions

    • I guess I'll probably have to have a conversation with her and lay everything on the table.

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  • I would think that this guy is just coming after me next, seeing how many girls he can sleep with.
    I wouldn't be interested anyways, a guy who sleeps around with random is not someone I want to sleep with.

    • A lot of people, men and women, sleep with random people sometimes and I wouldn't be just trying to have sex with her I'd be taking her on dates.

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    • Obviously I would as you can see from my responses!
      I wouldn't date a guy who was into casual sex. That means 1) he's done it with a bunch of people/ anyone he could 2) sex must not mean that much to him, so wby would he think having sex with me is special?
      And if you're having sex with anyone, young or old, that just makes it worse in my mind. Like the guy has no standards and doesn't think im anything special (or that im just a pretty face to him that he wanted to get to bang, or that he was only talking to me to see if id say yes and when i did hed be kn to the next girl)

    • I know why you're assuming that having sex with an older woman means I have low standards, but she is very attractive it wasn't a case of me 'settling' for anything.

      You're wrong about me having sex with anyone I could. A lot of women are into me and if I had no standards then I would have a very high count by now. I don't think most people consider 3 partners to be excessive. I've turned down women for sex before and I've turned down women for dates significantly more times than I've asked women out. To say I have no standards and I'll sleep with anyone is just false.

  • No. Maybe if it was one person, and they were in a relationship and ended it. Having flings with co-workers suggests that you're irresponsible and immature to me. Keep your work and home life separate.

    • I'm not sleeping with the entire office here it's two women out of the 100+ people in their department alone.

  • Oh geez, too messy, dating a coworker alone is messy, but dating one who has slept with not one but two? I wouldn't.

    • We're talking two coworkers here but A) they're in a different department from me and B) we're talking about 100+ people in that department so it's not like I'm sleeping with the entire office.

    • I understand, but if you found out she's been with 2 men in the building, even with 100+ people or so, you'd be a little hesitant, especially she's a woman and her first impression would be that she's just another one on your list. If you're sincere, I'd have a conversation with her first.

    • Yeah I agree

  • None of that. Nope. Everybody at work would be too involved in your personal life

    • What if one of them agreed to stay silent about it, would you be more okay with it if it was just one coworker?

  • no i would be worried all the time he'll do it again and i'll fell betrayed because the world so big to have a fling in my workplace where i have to go almost every day. plus, i would notice her more often and wouldn't be able to take it

  • No. One person maybe, 2 definitely not

  • I wouldn't in the same day but maybe if we hit it off I might.

    • Would you still be able to be friends/acquaintances with the other women?

    • probably if I tired to look past it.

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