Complicated situation?

So there's this guy that likes me and i like him however he does not have the best past with girls its hard for me to trust him. We were out one of the nights and he kissed me and asked me on a date but i said i ll let him know. i was keeping my distance a bit but now he's not really talking to me. Is it because i was being too cold towards him? I ve turned him down a few times before but i feel like he has changed over time. Should i text him and tell him im ready for the date or does that seem too desperate and clingy? I dont know if he feels like im not interested because he said it to me or does he just not care?


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  • It isn't rocket science as to why he maintains distance from you. When you said that you'll let him know and you don't, it will look very desperate on his part to ask you umpteen times again and again. I you're interested, let him know. Even if you aren't interested, let him know that too. That should clear things out.

    • Yeh i guess you're right.. thanks :)

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  • I think it's more of the fact that he may be a player and since he can't get to you, he's moving on.

    If he has really changed as you say, then maybe he's simply giving you your space or thinking that you're not interested in him or trying to string him along.

    I think you should text him to see what's up... but not about a date.


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  • Nothing really complicated here.

    • But should i ask him or leave him alone? I dont want to seem too desperate

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    • Because i like him hah but i dont want to push him away even more

    • It'll pass. Like passes. You'll get over him.

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