Is it a turn-off to give a guy my number if we've been hanging out and fb talking?

I hung out with this guy at my college twice last weekend, we made out both times, but we knew each other months before that. He seemed to like me, and we were chatting on Facebook through the weekend too, through Facebook messages, but we still don't have each other's numbers. I'd like to see him this weekend and invite him to join me at my friend's party. Would it be a turn off if I gave him my number and said call if you want? It's a lot easier than Facebook.

The only reason I'm nervous is because he didn't reply to my last Facebook message. It wasn't a long string of messages, and it didn't necessarily need a response, but I was really hoping he responded. The last time I saw him was great, so I dunno.


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  • It's not a turn off at all. You just made what's normally the hard part, easy. The only modification I would make is, don't say "call if you want" say "give me a call".

    MY opinion, not yours.



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