Why do situation keeps forcing me to have feelings for more than 1 person at the same time?

I feel like I'm always stuck in a position that force me to have feelings for more than 1 person at the same time. For example, I liked guy A. He rejects me. I like guy B, he likes me too. We're together, then guy A comes back saying he likes me. I still ahve feelings for guy A, now I have feelings for both guy A and B. Things like this always happen what can I do now? I can't be left alone with one guy for a long time until the other guy comes in. It's not even I like another new guy, they're just people I already had feelings for before but things happen. I'm exploding what do I do now? I don't wanna cheat again.


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  • do not cheat, there is no excuse for it. while i haven't done the same as you but i understand 2 crushes at once. if i were you i wouldn't even consider guy a because besides the obvious fact he only likes you because your with someone else, when your with guy B there should be no more guy A on your mind. you said you liked them both so if your with one then you should be happy. if your consider guy A because your not happy with guy B anymore then its better to brake up than to cheat.

    • Guy A actually doesn't know I have a bf...
      My bf starts to ignore my text and calls lately which bothers me, and he gets mad a lot for no reason lately. That's when guy A stepped into my life again randomly but that's why I like both guys right now...

    • well i think its only fair to them both if you let guy A know, and if your not happy with B break up with him but maybe you need to talk to B more , and if you do dump him and go with A eventually after, hats to keep guy B from catching ur interest again or even a guy C, and being distant could be a lack of interest or perhaps its work related or personal issues

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