I feel like I'm not good enough, should I give up or keep trying?

My ex boyfriend told knows that I like this guy in our grade, I don't even know if they're actually friends or not. But we were talking and he found out who I like and he's like "he'll never go for you, he will only date country girls, not girls like you." And he was going on and on telling me about how he can get way better looking girl's than me.. Should I keep trying or give up? It doesn't seem like he's interested and I can see where my ex is coming from like I feel he's actually telling the truth but don't know because he lies so much, and does whatever he can to hurt me when he's jealous or mad.


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  • Ugh your alway good enough! I am tired of ppls say that I am not good enough. And you should to. If this guy doesn't respect you as person or appericates who you are he not worth it. Why would you want be with someone like that. I just want someone to love me for me not for things I can't control like my face, where I am from, and my past mistakes. I want someone to think that amazing and you should want the same.

    • And if he not mature to know all that then he isn't worth my time!

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    • Just talk random things or things you noticed. Its not that hard. Ask him what are his hobbies and what was he like as a kid. Let him talk about himself, just keep asking questions. If he doesn't want to talk or gives short answer. Talk about yourself or movies you seen. Talk about how lame high school or how fun it can be. Then give him a chance to respond.

    • I feel like he doesn't want to talk to me and he thinks i'm creepy considering, he already know's that I like him.

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  • Go for it! At least you can try, right? You will also know FOR SURE if he likes you the same way. You can't just guess he won't just because an ex says so. He is an ex for a reason. Don't listen to him. If you like him then its your choice! :) You can do it.

    • He makes me really nervous to talk to, and it doesn't seem like he wants to talk to me or I'm his type but I'm really interested.. I love how positive you are!

    • Thank you :). Yeah, I had the same problem with this other guy, but then it turns out he was just so busy he didn't have time for a girlfriend. We still talk and I flirt. It doesn't hurt, plus who know he might just go for it. lol

  • I think you should try to get over him.


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