Have you every had a date/ hangout session last for a few days?

Have you ever had a date/ hangout session last for a few days?
Okay, I invited this guy to kind of hang out on Firday and go to this free music thingy and we end up spending the night together plus all of Saturday cuddling and talking
I didn't get home instill earlier today lol now I'm over thinking are time together and if he actually like me
but, anyway
Have you had a date last a few days?


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  • Every weekend we spend the weekend together. I showed up Friday night we watched movies and stuff, Saturday went to the beach and then sea food for lunch then back to my place for a little then back to her place I cooked dinner and we watched movies again and then I took her to work early in the morning And then went home. This happens every weekend just about.


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  • No I haven't, but omg aww thats so cute, I wish I had!


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  • nope but it would be nice basically...

    (if money allowed it)


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