(never tried yet) how to get dates at 25?

i have never dated, kissed once. so there's noone i know that i could ask out. no idea where to meet girls that i would like, not very social and i dont go to bars or clubs. just plain lost, im mostly interested in girls as expierienced as me to, not that there are many.


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  • You'd better work on being social there , junior (even though I'm only three years older, haha).

    Women love a guy who's the center of attention; and that means you have to be able to talk to people.

    As for where to find the women, do you work (the workplace)? workout (gym)? or go to school?

    The opportunities are there, I'm sure.


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  • In that case, How to get dates at 32? I'm in the same rut as you which means there has to be women who are in the same rut as us. We just have to find them which is he question, lol!

    I don't think I'm going to meet any women in the area I'm in now. Maybe if I move to a nicer place.

  • try asking out some waitress at a restaurant... maybe?

    • I thought about that once, but she quit after 7 years just before I could ask her... Most people don't understand how bad my luck is with women.

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