Would you guys forgive her?

I'm on my friends account to ask you guys a question. A year ago I liked this woman but ended it with her because I thought we wanted different things. She had panic attacks after and would lash out. I ignored her for months. We have a mutual friend and her and I got closer over those months. When I told the first girl about how I wanted to date her friend she verbally attacked me and her friend. She said her friend had been ignoring her and that we planned to like each other. The women were friends of 10 years. Their friendship ended and I'm now with the second woman. The first woman approached me the other day to tell me she had Lyme disease and had inflammation in her brain. That she wasn't the angry person I thought she was. Even my gf said this woman was acting weird. The first woman wants me to forgive her. Should I? Should I try being her friend now?
I feel bad because I ignored her while she was going through tests to find out what was wrong. She was going through hell and I was ignoring her and falling for her friend


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  • First, I would do some research and confirm that Lyme's Disease could actually have been the cause of her behavior. If so, do you think she is being sincere? If so, you can forgive her. . . but forgiving is not the same as forgetting and you can't undo all that has transpired since then. You owe loyalty to your current girlfriend and resuming any kind of relationship with the ex-girlfriend will be threatening to the current girlfriend. Try to imagine that the roles are reversed and your current girlfriend is talking about resuming a friendship with a prior boyfriend. Not a good idea!

    • Thanks!

    • I saw your update and understand that you may feel some guilt about the way you treated the first girlfriend. Of course, if you re-establish a relationship with her, you will hurt your current girlfriend. You are in a no-win situation so it is best to leave things as they stand now.

    • It's just awkward because my current gf was best friends with the other woman

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