Acting out of anger but now I regret everything... help?

(using a friends account to get advice on this) I love my boyfriend so much, it's hard to put into words. But we were fighting a lot lately and it was pretty bad. I was pretty sure one of us was gonna break up with the other and I was feeling pretty useless. So on my way home with a old friend of mine he offered to stay for a while since he could see I was upset and keep me company until my family came home. I accepted his offering feeling needy and once we got to my house a silence fell over us and he was hugging me and one thing led to another and we started kissing and then his pants were coming off and so were mine but then we stopped. I separated myself from him and realized what I was doing/about to do and I asked him to leave. Later that day me and my boyfriend patched things up but I couldn't get what had happened out of my head and its been eating at me all weekend... Should I confess what I did to him? What should I do? Any advice is welcomed. (again, not my account, I'm actually 25, this is my baby cousins account)
It would be really nice if anyone could tell me a way to explain to him so he can at least know.


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  • Whew, cheatin' beeches, keeps life interesting!


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  • Do him a favor and break up with him. I don't respect cheaters no matter what the circumstances. No tolerance for cheaters at all. I'm glad I'm not in a relationship because of stories like these. I don't know what I would do if it happened to me again.


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