I'm talking to someone online but it feels dodgy?

I'm bisexual and I've been speaking to this girl on a dating site. We seem to be getting on pretty well, she keeps sending me voice clips and it definitely sounds like a girl!
This conversation went on..
Me: have you got Skype?
Her: no but I have whatsapp and we could maybe trade numbers?
Me: you should get it
Her:I lost my old phone and this one won't allow me to have Skype
This automatically rang alarm bells in my head. I've asked if she wants to go for a drink next weekend and she's up for it, she then said 'do you want a phone call?' I was busy so I unfortunately couldn't. We're having a phone call tomorrow, do you think I should be cautious or do you think I've been watching too much Catfish and I'm over paranoid with everything?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • uhh that sounds odd but maybe she's just shy, try to meet in person again

    • She might be shy but imagine she's not who she says she is.. For all I know she could be using voice recordings from somewhere else and then sending me them.
      I could be putting myself in total danger if I just meet up with her, I'm never normally this cautious D:

    • good point , then maybe you should insist on video chatting , saying you really want to talk face to face, i. e. Skype or on facebook which also has a video chat.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol yeah maybe you have been watching to much Catfish but don't take it completely out of your mind maybe she isn't as comfortable with her sexuality like you are and doesn't want to go out with you and be seen all flirty with another woman

    • I know I've definitely been watching too much Catfish :')
      I questioned her about her sexuality and she said everyone knows including her family. She's from a different City to me so if she came to my City no one will know her anyway. She also told me she's had 2 different girlfriends in the past.. :/

    • Have you see each other? Maybe she's insecure?

    • We've only seen pictures of each other.
      She's Asian, I'm 100% cool with that because someones colour doesn't make me feel any different. So I don't see what else she might be insecure about? Unless she's not comfortable being Asian or she's extremely self conscious.
      I suppose it could be due to anything, that's if she is actually genuine :/

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What Guys Said 1

  • You should always be cautious


What Girls Said 3

  • I definitely think you should have your phone call with her first before you jump to conclusions. I totally understand what you mean though, I think you should Skype her first before you should meet her 100% whether she likes it or not! It's the safest way. Just explain to her that you feel like it would be safer and more relaxed if you Skyped first. Just wait till she gets access to it.

  • I've had issues with Skype and don't use it on my phone or computer now. I do understand your concern though, you never know for sure who you are chatting with. I would call her and talk on the phone first, and maybe meet up in a public place.

  • Usually refusing to video chat is a bad sign. I would image search her pictures


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