Can a guy be talkative and "turn shy" suddenly?

There is this guy I met at church last year. The first day we met we had plenty to talk about and he texted me questions asking me what I like to cook, music I like, etc. We were both soccer fans and the World Cup was going on, and I would use him as a contact person to get info on church gatherings to watch games together (as he knew the other soccer fans better than I did). He even dyed his hair blonde and specifically told me I inspired him! (We were the only two Asians with blonde hair in church. Hehe...) I didn't show any interest beyond being a friend as I wasn't sure then.

Then he went 360 degrees on me. LOL... He started acting all cold around me, like I didn't exist. I also noticed that he would mostly talk to other guys or their wives, but not single girls like me. I said to myself, well, maybe he lost interest.

But but but... in the odd occasion, he would give me compliments. For example, the first time I played piano for church, he said he couldn't believe I could play piano and be good at it. The second time I played piano, he walked in and sat at the front right under the piano (and he rarely sat there if ever). Also in soccer, we would fight for the ball but if he sees that I am about to fall, he would grab me by both shoulders, and one time patted me on the waist.

So yeah, most of the time he would act really cold and ignore me. If it weren't for the odd occasion of showing interest like I described above, I would've thought that he hated me. But my question is, if he really is just shy, why wasn't he shy the first few weeks after we met? I didn't think someone who dyed his hair for a girl or text a girl a lot would be shy. Maybe he is not shy but just lost interest. If so why would he on the odd occasion compliment me or touch me during soccer?


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  • Why don't you ask him fo a hang-out. You'd know him better.


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  • Maybe he has started to develop feelings for you, and has an attraction towards you.

    Sometimes people are more talkative and confident around people they are indifferent towards. They can suddenly clam up and not know what to say anymore and become very self- conscience about themselves in front of their crush. This can be interpreted as losing interest.
    It is much easier for a lot of people to talk to someone they don't have a crush on.


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