She's Distancing away from me what should I do?

Long story short , I've meet this girl in college and started talking to her , so we became friends , and started to know each other , so i start helping her out with college since she's one year younger then me, and i started liking her more then just a friend , so one day she was saying to me you dont want to help me and dont want to see me , and i told her that i can't do that stuff since i like her more then a friend, she took it badly and told me that she can't see me more then just a friend , we didn't talk for some days after that like 2-3 days she asked for some help and i did help her , and she started talking to me again , days after that she tells me we can't be friends anymore , i was like ok you're choice , after some days she comes back to me , and we kept talking for like a month and out of blue she starts sending me pictures of her , and we used to talk a lot till late 4-5 AM sometimes , in that time i helped her pass a hard exam , so i was always nice and helping was always there for her , always tried to cheer her up when she was sad , and i started calling her sweet names , she introduced me to her small sister , after that she failed an exam that i tried to help her a lot , after that she distanced her self completely from me , the chats are short even when she starts them , what should i do , did i get used did i ever have a chance or do i have a chance couse im in love with her now? or did she find someone else since she's stay late in facebook with chat turned off , since i only see her online 1 minuta ago..


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  • There's no chance of her returning romantic feelings. She might have used you the whole time or liked you as a friend then distanced herself after knowing how you felt. The most beautiful thing about it is there's many more opportunities budding.

    • Ah thanks , but i think she used me , since she known how i feel for a long time now , she also acted like she cared to , but i guess i have to move on and let her go.

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  • You're a beta f****t . Dude, a friendship with a girl isn't worth very much. Next time you're studying with her stick your tongue in her mouth.

    • i dont want a friendship with her man , i love her and since she knows that i like her more then a friend she blushes and can't watch me in the eyes..

    • Ok, so you're attracted to her. You know what you want. So why are you hung up on your old paradigm? There is no creation without destruction.

      Sigh... I don't know why I'm bothering..

      You're friendzoned. If she liked you, she'd throw herself at you. There's no talking her into it. She's not in denial.

      But the first step in getting the girl of your dreams is to go after what you want. She doesn't like you because you're a pussy.

      You need to read up on game. Honestly, if you want results, I think my best advice to you is to completely cut her off and get a different girl, then maybe comeback in a while.

      If you talk about your feelings she'll always think of you as a beta f****t . NEVER talk about your feelings ever again.

      Your choice man. Either kiss her or don't. There is no alternative.

    • oh well thanks man , so i just have to move on i guess...

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