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I started talkin to the guy of my dreams. We seemed to be on the same page of liking eachother. After 3 to 5 weeks of texting he didn't text me any longer. I asked him why and he said that he now had a girlfriend. Somee he met off the computer and knew for im not even joking a week. Do you think it will last with him and her? Do you think he will come back to me ( yes i know i should move on but do you think he still will) What are you thoughts on this move he made? Whats yor total outlook on it?


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  • Sorry to say but it seems he's moved on. Who knows if it'll last or not. But if he chose someone else over you, when he had you first, then there's little chance he'll go for you afterwards. Being rejected sucks, but holding on hope that they may come back is worse. Just cut ties now and move on. As the old adage goes, plenty of fish in the sea!

  • I think if he really did that he may not be that mature. Just move on and find someone else who is better


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