Why am I so nervous?

So I've been with this girl for about a month now and everything is looking good. But the thing is for the first time I'm nervous and unsure. My unsure feeling is a new one too me, it's a feeling I have in my stomach one I can't explain. I never had these nervous feelings before, when we talk I'm fine. I'm more open and just me. Then we are together and I shell up, like when we sit together on her couch, with my ex I was able to grab her hand or put my arm around her. With my current girlfriend I can't though I did do it once. Then comes kissing. I was nervous about it, the first try I froze up then later that night I did put then pulled away. Before I was so good and smoother with this now I'm to nervous to do. My question for this is, why am I so nervous with her?


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  • Lots of possible reasons. Was your ex your first and have you dated many girls? It is new and you aren't comfortable yet. Doing shared activities like mini-golf or even two player videogames is a good way to become more comfortable and speed up the bonding process. If that doesn't work then maybe you two just don't click.

  • Maybe you're insecure. Maybe this new girl intimidates you? You should relax. You have her, you want to enjoy her. Just take it slow and get comfortable by spending more time with her and being more sure of yourself. I mean, ask yourself, what are you really scared of?


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