Listen to your heart or logic?

I know in the movies everyone always follows their heart and you get some sappy love story but what about in real life..

Currently in my situation I'm trying to reason between the two

My heart says yes
Logic says: being involved in a cross cultural/ interracial/ inter-relgious relationship could possibly turn out to be the biggest mistake ever, where someone gets burned badly but what do I know I'm only 21

I mean I've seen it work in my own family but that doesn't necessarily mean it's for me

his heart says yes
Where he is mentally is up for debate
  • I followed my heart and it worked out
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  • I followed my heart and I regret it
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  • I listened to logic, I'm happy with my decision
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  • I listened to logic, I regret it
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For those of you who listened to logic..
and were happy..
What was your situation
You broke up, remained friends etc?


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  • I listened to logic, but not how you described. I was sort of into this guy, but I wasn't head over heels. I thought it out logically. This guy really likes me and won't hurt me, so what do I have to lose. I like him, but just not as much as him. I could grow to like him more. I like him as a person a lot, and the person will always be there when the drug isn't. I say, don't listen to WHY IT WON'T WORK OUT. That could be just be you making excuses because you are scared of something. Rather, look at the situation logically. Do you like him because of his body? Or do you actually like the person who he is? What is really holding you back? You need to look at him objectively as a whole person and think about what it is you like about him as a person and don't. If you find you like hik simply because of his looks, it's lust and it will fade. You need to like him as a person, and if you do, it should not matter if he is interracial or whatever. I hope I made sense. :)

    • Wow.. My version logic and yours is completely different
      I guess logical thinking is subjective but yes that made perfect sense
      I think it may be the perfect solution to finding a middle ground :)

      100% positive neither of us found each other attractive in the beginning

      "That's a whole other topic of concern"
      But personality wise I think we're both 9/10 on each other's radar

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What Guys Said 4

  • You should listen to reason and follow your heart. It doesn't have to be either or does it?

    • I never knew there could be an "in between" in this situation
      I was thinking I'm all in or not at all
      If there's a middle ground please let me know

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    • +1 because I like your conversation/question ;) really made me think

      Heart says yes to anything that feels like love

      Last year I decided with logic, I'm content
      Not extraordinarily happy just content

      But every single day since I chose logic, I questioned my decision but
      I still have the opportunity to go with my heart

      So I'm in a rather good position
      I wish not to make any fatal moves

    • I just think you can have both but thank you for +1

  • Q. Q my heart is an asshole Im never listening to him again

  • When i m nonplussed n don't understand the logic... I always listen to me heart...

  • I listen to logic.


What Girls Said 5

  • Listen to your heart is a load of crap. Your heart doesn't emit emotion it just pumps blood throughout your body, listening to your heart is basically just listening to the more hormonal side of your brain.
    Best thing is to use logic by incorporating your feelings into the equation.

    • I threw out the hormonal factor
      Given this has been drugg out so long
      Where there just one person waiting on the other for almost years

      I probably am the hormonal one though..
      I've changed my mind about this so many times

    • Hormonal as in biology, like how women are attracted to male scents during certain times of the cycle. Follow your heart is about listening to the biological cues your body sends out when you are attracted to someone. If you just use your head, you'll be so much better off.

  • I fallow my intuition and I try to bring my logic too.
    It sth is wrong and makes feel you like sth is missing, then rethink it. It might me wrong.
    Heart is important too. Without love, compassion life would not be beautiful. But without logic, love can not continue forever. Even love needs some foundation.
    If I were you I would talk to him my concerns openly. Be open.

  • I more go with Logic if my intuition is ever at a standstill. Heart doesn't always get the job done.

  • I followed my heart and I regret it. :/ Love blinds people.

    • Wow...
      You're terribly young to have love problems already

  • Let your head guide your heart not the other way around

    • And if I'm at a standstill..
      Who gets the final say?

    • Reason! Always

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