Do you believe in destiny or is it just a coincidence?

A few months ago I met this guy at a bar. We talked and we had this connection I never felt with some rando before. At one point in the night he asked me how often I go to that bar and I said I honestly been there one time and he said same thing with him. He goes maybe its just destiny that we met. I laughed because I was like yah right... If this is your way of getting me in your bed its not going to work. We talked the next 2 days and then I noticed he was short with his texts so I figured he wasn't interested. One weekend I asked him about it and he said that he didn't want to hurt me and I don't want a guy like him. So of course I listened and left him alone. But then I would see him everytime I went out. As big as my school is we have no mutual friends and he we always ended up at the same bar. So eventually I stopped seeing him when I went out to bars. But now I see him everytime I'm on the road and we make eye contact with each other we just don't say anything. I saw him twice in one day too. At first I thought he was joking about this whole destiny thing but I don't know maybe it is just a coincidence? Do you blieve in destiny?


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  • Here's the deal with destiny.

    If it is truly destined to be, nothing you do will change it because you have no free will in the matter. It's destiny. It's predetermined. The universe has spoken, and you will listen.

    If it is destiny in a this-might-happen kind of way, then it's not really destiny since it's not destined. Get my drift?

    So live your life with the idea that you have free will and that there is no destiny. That you and the people around you make your lives happen. After all, if it turns out that destiny - not your decisions - is at work then it was your destiny to pretend that you had no destiny.

    I personally believe as a Christian that the final destination of the world is determined (God wins; Satan loses) and that God knows the future. Yet each of us still make that future happen through our decisions. In other words, do I believe that I have a destiny? No, since the choices I make will help create my future.

    In respect to your current situation, it's a surprising coincidence. Could be that you keep seeing each other because you are keeping an eye out for each other. Maybe it's a good way to go. Maybe it's not. There's no destiny, so you decide and don't feel hemmed in by coincidence.

    • That's awesome. I agree, there is a path for you in life, though your decisions made by your own free will can alter that destiny

    • Great comment!

    • You could be right we might be keeping an I out for each other. Because the second time he saw me I was in the passenger seat in my friends car on the way to the movie. He defiantly did a double take to see if it were me in the car.

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  • No. Its not destiny. Its the devil playing with you mind. If someone pushes you away and actually tells you something like a warning this guy gave you, you need to listen. He told you that for a reason. He either really isn't into you. He's married, in a relationship or he may be crazy. Usually really dangerous people will reject you in a small way initially to see how much you want them and if they see you still pursuing them, they will latch on and suck you dry. You need to be careful. I had a similular incident happen to be, like yours. We ran into each other often. He was short with me in the beginning and I still wanted him. He turned out to be a sociopath. He was very sick and cruel to me. He also had an std he told me about after we had been intimate. Thankfully I didn't catch it because we used protection. But everything isn't a fairytale. Somethings are warnings rather than green lights. Take heed.


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  • I'm a Christian. 'Nough said. I believe in something out there. I believe we each have plans for our lives.
    I know religion is usually said to be a downer or whatever. But I truly really believe that God has our backs and that he leading you to this destiny you speak of

  • Nope, don't believe in destiny. It's for chick flicks.
    But i do believe in stalkers, twice in one day... really?

    • I defiantly wasn't stalking him I was simply driving on my way to class and I saw him and then later my friend and I went out for a movie and he was in my apartment complex, because he is a pizza delivery driver now.

    • Maybe he's stalking you?

  • That's pretty cool. I could see why the thought of "destiny" has been pushed to the fore front. Sometimes I think it exist but play it off as coincidence. But I do love the thought of it in a good way such as meeting your soul mate. As for you two maybe be friends and see where it goes? He probably isn't mature enough for a relationship right now.


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