How often should I expect her to text?

To be honest I don't know much as far as dating goes because I have only been in 1 relationship in the last 4 years and it only lasted for a few months. I really haven't been actively trying to be in a relationship, if the opportunity presented itself I'd go for it but I just haven't been in any rush to get a girlfriend.

Anyways, I met this girl on eHarmony and it turns out that we go to the same college so we decided to meet in person for the first time for lunch last week and it went pretty good I think. However, now that I'm wanting to get to know her even better and have things lead into a relationship, I have realized my inexperience with relationships and lack of knowledge of dating etiquette. I can think of a lot of questions to ask and I'm sure that there will be many more to come along as time passes but for now I'm focusing on this topic.

So the question is: How often should I expect her to text? Should I expect it to happen everyday? or every couple of days? If it were to go several days to a week without hearing anything should I say something or should I just assume that she's not interested? I've only had her number for a week but I've been starting the conversations every night and when I didn't say anything last night we didn't talk at all. She's already seen me in person and we talked for an hour and a half getting to know each other when were together and our text conversations usually last until it's time for one of us to go to bed, which is usually 3-4 hours after we start talking. I feel like part of this is just me being impatient because I want things to go fast and for us to be in a relationship as soon as possible but I sometimes wonder if there's something that I should be catching on to and can't because I'm just not experienced with this type of stuff. Anyways, all answers are welcome and appreciated and any other tips will be useful to me as well. Thanks in advance.


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  • 1.YOU text HER. if she really gets into it further along the road, she'll text you first but I like it when the guy pursues me instead.

    2. text her around every other day or maybe every day depending on how you feel about it but make sure she knows you are intrested in a relationship by compliments and smiley/ winky faces and all that stuff to flatter her.

    3. you talk to her! if she's not responding then you should back off.

    i wish boys would compliment me more often just about random little things, but things you are sincere about. also when you see her in person don't just make contact about hugs and kisses but pay attention to guiding her with your hand on her back or play with her hair every once and a while it shows you are more thoughtful and not just a horny boy.


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  • How about you stop the texting and call her. In opinion texting does not really mean or amount to much its too impersonal and too easy. Calling shows your interested and have the guts to actually put yourself out there and have a proper conversation. It may be hard but it is worth it, and when you call her up try not to sound nervous just relax your just calling someone. And of course ask her out over the phone, she must have some interest if she is texting you back for hours on end. Just try what I have said. Good luck

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