My date forgot we going to have lunch together today. I was going to confess my feelings. Should I give up?

I was going to confess to him today. He is the one who set it to today so we could talk but he forgot. He left with another female colleague whom likes him too. Theyre going off to have lunch with others as well.

I called him and he said he totally forgot about our lunch and wanted to cancel their lunch and go with me.. But i felt so hurt that i told him it is okay and to enjoy lunch with her.

I feel im not in his mind.. I feel not important to him.. He told me he likes me but he seems otherwise recently.. He use to chase me a lot and now im seeing a totally different person.

Should i try to confess again or just give up?


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  • You curb stomp her ass and tell her to stay the fuck away from your man.

    Then you tell him.


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  • I have felt that. It's such a heavy feeling left in the bottom of your stomach. And you can literally feel your heart sink to your stomach aswell.

    So far he's told you that he likes you aswell. Go for it, and make him focus on you more. Tell him how you feel.


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  • fight for what you want. if it doesn't fight back for you to then leave it.


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