Should I message him again?

there's this guy on badoo that messaged me not too long ago and i thought he was pretty cool so i messaged him back about a week ago. he just read my message today but didn't respond. should i message him back asking a question or something? keep the conversation going? or should i just forget it? cause i don't want to seem desperate. ugh i suck at talking to guys i like.


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  • Sending him a message does no harm. Worst case scenario he does not reply, I understand you are yet to meet him? So it's definitely not the end of the world if that happens

  • here's what mightve happened
    1. he messaged a bunch of girls he might potentially like and you read it. he viewed your profile and realized he wasn't interest in you (this is the most likely)
    2. he messaged the wrong person
    3. he found someone else

    if he hasn't messaged you back he's most likely not interested it doesn't take guys as long to message back as girls on dating sites. but if you really like this guy then there's no harm in trying to keep the conversation going.


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