I can't seem to progress relationships to the next level can anyone help me?

I've been single for 3 years. my last relationship was 3 1/2 years. Since then it seems that I have no problem finding men who are interested in me, but after a few weeks it always fizzles. I don't know how to keep things progressing. I haven't been able to make anyone commit or stick any longer than 3 months. I get told I'm attractive, I have lots of friends so I don't think anything is wrong with my personality and I am also very independent and have lots of hobbies. I don't smother these men. How do gyou guys progress things after the first few weeks? Should I initiate more plans or text more? What can I do?


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  • Really the question is what kind of people are you actually attracting. If they are not interested in long-term relations you won't get long-term relations from them; there's a massive difference between having suitors and having widespread interest.

    • how can I spot early on if guys aren't interested in a relationship?

    • Ah, there's the question, and the answer is: You cannot.

      You ask. You make it absolutely clear. You turn down their first few sexual advances.

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  • What exactly happens?
    Do you both just stop contacting each other?
    There has to be reasons why these men lose interest.

    • It varies I've been single for 3 years so I've had almost every scenario happen. I had one guy dump me for another girl. I had one guy dump me because we clashed on some core values. I had some guys stop contacting me after a few dates. I had one guy dump me because he moved away. The ones I'm curious about are the ones where e they stop conot acting me without explanation after a few weeks. The one that say they don't want relationships.

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  • I think you want the guys who already have a big like of gorgeous ladies to go through, And you want him/them to be what they call a beta.


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  • It's not just about your looks, a friend of mine was having a similar problem to yours she is as beautiful as it gets, great in all aspects of her personality and life but her men only stuck around for a short while... she asked me what do i think is wrong with her i looked at her and told her... Nothing, because i knew it was the type of men she was attracting, i told her it was time to change the bait, she is now with the most fantastic man ever and she's happy.

    You see sometimes you can focus so much on what you are doing wrong because you love the guy so much it makes you blind to the fact that he the guy is actually the problem his biggest problem is committing to you, some guys are running scared from a very independent woman in any case the insecurity is in him and not you.

    Time to change your bait and stop attracting these scaredy cats.


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