Have you ever just stopped dating?

I was a virgin until I was 24. I lost it last year. I've had 3 girlfriends in the span of a year and they all lasted a month. Two cheated on me and the other left me for her abusive ex husband. Once that happened, I just stopped asking women out. I just don't think it's worth it anymore. I honestly believed my life would've been better if I stayed to myself and never allowed a woman in. Ever felt that way?


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  • My boyfriend felt that way before me met me. He was single for years because he was just fed up with his last girlfriend, who he was with for 4++ years and was even going to marry her. But they didn't work out and he decided to do his own thing. He had stopped asking women out, thinking there's no point to because he didn't believe the women he met were worth his time. It took him years but then one random night I approached him and told him he was cute. He told me later that he just had some feeling about me and decided to give it a go with me. Unless I'm in La La Land and being delusional, he seems quite happy with me to this day.

    I think it's fine to feel how you feel, and you may feel this way for a while, but if you ever get the feeling to try to start looking for a lady again, or if you are approached by someone and had this "feeling" about her, I think you should definitely give it a shot and see where it goes.


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  • Very likely, at least for now. I've been single for too long, I haven't even found any girl I'm interested in going into a relationship, so I guess I'm gonna go with the casual sex life for now. Get to know more women, have some fun being single, and when I'm tired, I'll try to find a girlfriend.


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  • Yes. I have.


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