Girls, should I try her again? Or is it over?

So after a huge amount of personal pressure; I finally asked out this girl I had my eye on for a while. Well after a long conversation I had to leave so I asked if she was available to hang out sometime? She seemed immediately flustered and stuttered out that she'd have an answer after class.

Well i left and came back for class just to find out she ditched class. The same was the case for our class on Friday . She was back today, but made no effort to talk to me.

My my buddy said it was my job to approach her even though the ball is in her court.

Im not sure if I should ask how she is and try one last time it give up trying. What do you girls see in all of this? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. :)
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Never mind. It no longer matters. This bitch isn't worth my time. :D
For some stupid reason I can't get her out of my head still. I'm thinking of just asking what was up with last week on Friday before class. Is that too confrontational?


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  • I think she needs the jealousy card played on her, just to test her, i also think you should ask her out somewhere that would suprize her, something adventurous. Sounds cheezy, but she thinks you're just "one of those guys" , you have to ask her to do something that's not romantic and will really open her up, She seems closed off, you need to open her before you can read her. I was once just like her towards somebody, tbh... he just told me once that he really needed help. and that was the only thing that made me speak to him, and now we're closer than ever. Girls like to be helpful, remember that. MAybe play videogames? c. o. d? ratchet and clank, just something that won't make her nervous... just my suggestion. Don't give up too fast just yet

    • Well I've waited more than a week so far and no answer to my question what so ever. Just completely ignores my existence.

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    • Thanks. I appreciate the help. I really do, but this girl has annoyed the interest right out of me. Maybe the next one will be worth the effort. :)

    • You said you did a similar thing once? Care to elaborate here or in a pm?

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  • I don't know what ever floats your boat!

  • Yeah, there's obviously something fishy going on


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