I've never dated before but I think it's time, any advice?

Right now I'm currently 18, graduated from High School and in that path between finding a job, and going to college. I've never dated or flirted outside of the internet and I find myself really shy and a total newb at what to expect and what's expected of me.

So anyways is there any advice that could be given to a first time dater, flirter? I'm not exactly sure what guys look for in a girl or the right things to say, starting conversation or even just keeping it going. Do guys take it as weird when you'd rather email them then talk to the phone? Is there a certain something that every guy has to have in a girl they would like to get serious with, like perfect hair, or shorter then them or type of clothes. Anything is helpful because I don't have a clue. Thanks!


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  • There are a lot of questions here! The truth is "Be Yourself"! You can't get much simpler than that! If you have confidence in yourself, what you say, and your actions you should be fine. You should just do "You". If you like to email, then email. There is people who like to text instead of speaking. There is someone who can appreciate that.

    There's not much to flirting either. There are people who just CANT flirt so they end up just being honest and being honest is the best policy! Remember that you won't connect with every person you come across and when you do connect with someone either through flirting or dating, it will feel just right.

    I think its so cool that you waited to you're 18 to date because college is filled with new people who are just as nervous as you are and that's a common ground right there!


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  • You're probably building the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing up in your head. It's really just a friendship with sex and stuff chucked in.

    Would I prefer it if my girlfriend phoned me instead of emailing? Well yeah - if we're comfortable enough to go out she should be able to call me. What if I'm not near a computer or don't check my email and not respond to her? It's never happened to me, but I think people who use email as a main form of communication (outside of work) are incredibly weird.

  • Just try to entertain yourself and have fun with the guy. Dating is really not a big deal. If he don't like you, that's totally fine, everybody can't like everybody. You are a cute girl and I know that there will be lots of guys left for you. =)


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