How do I ask him out?

At school me and this guy we like each other but neither one of us has the guts to ask the other out while everyone else is trying to ask us out for each other we just want to start going out and make them stop. Help


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  • You just go up to him and say: So and so, I really like you, and if it's alright, I'd like to go out with you.


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  • Walk over to him, say "Hey can I talk to you for a sec?" Take him and walk away from his group of friends so he's alone with you and him. (This makes zero peer pressure) and say "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?"

    BAM! You said it. He can either say no or yes. If he says yes, hug him. If he says no, do something else to prevent an awkward silence.

    Hope it helped :)


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