Friends with ex?

I datet a guy on and off for 3 years we were very young i was 18 when i met him, we didn't speak for a while and he got a gf etc etc , he hurt me so i had to let go and im doing amazing now and I've grown up etc
but we have been in touch for months and we talk time to time, we havnt met even though he wants too, and i blame it on the fact that he has a gf but its not why..
I just dont want to bring him that close into my life, i dont want to fall for him, he has been the only guy who has really hurt me and broken me and im so strong now and I've forgiven him and im okay with being friends but i can't see him, i remeber how he said we were different and i didn't want to accept that but now 2 years later i agree with him

He might break up with his gf soon but i dont care because im not going back ever, he has mentioned "us" but I've told him that "us" doesn't exist not in the future or ever... i want to find real love , I've never really been in love or had anyone fall in love with me and i turn 23 in 2 hours and i want that..

So have you ever been friends with a ex?


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  • Don't see him. You're not over him. If you were , you could be friends.

    Or, there's no point. That's possible too

    • We are friends but we talk on fcb, but you are right because we are not friends on fcb and i dont want to let him completly back in, im afraid ill fall for him again and get hurt so i keep him on a distance

    • There you go. I was you once. She'd call once in a blue moon and try to have coffee. Smartest thing I ever did was completely break contact. That was 7 years ago. So glad.

      She's married now and I wonder what the hell drug I was on that ever got me to date her. Lol

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