Not sure if I should give up on her or what?

We've been texting for about a week and a half. We go to the same school and we've both been busy with school and she's cancelled three times on a meet up but reschedules every time and I've cancelled once. She says she really wants to hang out but I keep feeling like she might just be trying to be nice for a couple reasons. First of all every once and a while we'll have pretty involved texting conversations, usually Saturday nights and she'll say she wants to cuddle but this is always when she's home which is about an hour and a half away so we can't. The rest of our texting conversations she doesn't seem like continuing the conversation and asking me questions. Feels like I almost always initiate and ask the questions. Secondly we started talking through tinder and she still pretty frequently checks into that as well. We have something set up for Thursday, should I just stop texting and wait till thursday? Any insight?


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  • I would say you should maybe text a little bit less, leave a bit of extra time in between your replies but don't stop texting.
    Then on Wednesday evening confirm the time and plans etc and tell her you will see her there.

    • I've kind of decided to stop texting for like a day or so though because lately her responses really don't give me much to keep going on... :/

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