[FOR WHITE GUYS] Would you let peer and family pressure stop you from dating a black girl you're into?

So, there is a guy I have feelings for. We went out once and we're friends but he never pursued anything else with me and it kind of stopped. I also found out later that he began dating a female who is the same ethnicity as him and I am wondering if the fact that I am black made him feel as though I wouldn't fit easily enough into his group of friends and with his family who are pretty much all of the same ethnicity. So, for the white guys, honestly, if you were really into a black girl (or a girl of a different race) would you be hesitant of pursuing anything with her because of how well she may or may not fit into your "world" or because of what your friends or family may say?


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  • To be honest with you there have been very few Black girls with whom I would have considered a relationship with only because I'm not normally attracted to them. Usually they seem to want you to embrace all Black history, heritage and be remorseful for slavery and the represion of Black people. I'm not into paying for crimes I never committed and neither did any of my ancestors. I know because I've done an extensive family tree on ancestry.com. None of my ancestors were ever slave owners yet I'd be expected to repent, if not re-imburse, for slavery and other misdeeds. The price of such an inter-racial relationship is just far too high for me.

    • Okay, clearly you took from my question the wrong idea. it's also obvious to me that perhaps you should broaden your world a little bit and you would meet black females who fall into all sorts of categories. I certainly do not fall into the one you've described. Just as most of the white guys I know do not fall into the category that you are obviously in of stereotyping and passing judgement on people before getting to know them.

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  • Everybody is different, so I can only speak for myself (and not all white guys), but black girls drive me crazy (the good crazy) and would have no problem showing you off to my friends and family.

    It is possible he has problems with it, but then why would we even bother with the friendship at all? Judging solely on what you wrote above, I don't think its a race issue.

    • I know, I was asking from your point of view as a white guy and so your response if very much appreciated. You have a point there. Perhaps race doesn't have anything to do with it. Thanks for your response!

  • Forget the world - foreign chicks are hot!

    My family and friends aren't racist so that helps.

    That dude just wasn't interested in you.


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  • if he really likes you I don't think it will be an issue.

    many white guys do like black girls,and many dont..

    u don't have to go for white guys anyway,nothing wrong being with a black guy.same ethnicity is always easier