How many of you were nervous to kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time?

Basically that question ^^ :) Was it more spontaneous or could you feel the moment coming up? Was it what you were expecting it to be? Thanks in advance and try to explain how you were feeling in that exact moment before your first kiss with your boyfriend/girlfriend :)

Thanks!! <3


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was literally FREEKING OUT! Well, on the inside. I hid it pretty well, but I was about to explode. And that was just getting the courage to kiss her on the cheek! Then she turned around and planted one on me! I literally exploded on the inside.

    • That's actually pretty sweet, lol :) Not very often when you hear a girl initiated, lol :)

    • Yeah, she'll never let me live it down haha

Most Helpful Girl

  • I was nervous. I wasn't sure whether that spark was going to be their but it was and I got butterflies all over

    • Aww, that's so sweet :) I actually need a bit of advice if you don't mind?

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    • No problem. How about the movies?

    • That's a great idea :) I'll make the suggestion the next time I talk to him

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What Guys Said 2

  • I didn't hesitate at all :D

    • That takes a lot of courage, lol :) You weren't even the least bit nervous? :)

    • I was waiting for it a lot. After she told a common girl friend that I kiss like a god lol

  • hahah although i've kissed many girls... i have never kissed a gf... it would be a new experience 2 me... but i guess i'd feel comfortable

    • That's actually really interesting that they've never been girlfriends to you :)

What Girls Said 1

  • My last ex I told him he looked so cute and asked if I could kiss him because he's so much taller than me haha.

    • That's sweet, lol :) I'll probably have to do the same (or it'll have to happen when we're sitting somewhere) lol :P

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