She's leaving for a couple of weeks, and I dont know if it's too soon to ask her out?

Okay, so I have this girl in my class and we didn't really used to talk that much. Now since a month or so we are pretty close, we talk, we laugh, we go out to eat. Also there's physical contact, she touches my leg and arms and stuff. She laughs at pretty much everything I say. But now here it comes

I've had relationship before, been on dates. But never have I crushed so hard on a girl, she has this laugh with some sort of snort or something? like when she giggles she snorts haha. But sometimes she keeps distant. Like doesn't sit next to me, but across and then she still flirts and stuff. Most girls i've dated before were pretty clear and i'm not really used to this, and the fact that my brain doesn't work the way I want when I hear her laugh and see her eyes doesn't really help either.

So my question is, what do I do? She's leaving for a couple of weeks, and I dont know if it's too soon to ask her out. I feel like I know her, but at the same time I dont.

And my English isn't that amazing, so sorry for that. It's pretty late here haha


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  • Well I would say this girl is kind of flirting with you and probably maybe even likes you. So I think you should just go for it, you're obviously falling for her and the way you describe her just shows that :) I think you should definitely tell her how you feel whether she's leaving for a couple of weeks or not. You should tell her :)


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