What to do about this?

I have been dating this guy for 3 weeks and he is pissed at me. I was sexually abused as a kid. I dont like people touching me at all. Not even on my arm. he's pissed cuz i won't let him touch me and i won't have sex with him. I haven't told him about what happened to me cuz im scared that he will turn away in disgust.


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  • You can't win here. He's going to leave you eventually if you don't tell him why he can't even touch your arm.

    Counseling I hope. I can tell you with near infallible certainty that no one on GAG can help.

    Please seek professional help.

    I'm very sorry you were abused. I certainly hope he was punished.

    • I've tried counseling. All they did was try and put me on a bunch of meds for PTSD. No he wasn't and i feel like he will turn away from me if i tell him

    • I don't think he will turn away from you.

      I'm no professional but your first baby step might be to trust someone just a little. Don't give details. Tell him just enough.

      You'll lose him if you don't. Because he won't trust YOU. that's the sad irony.

      Please tell me you don't still have to see your abuser.

      Oh and there are good and bad counsellors.

    • He pops up here or there. Not often though.

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  • It has only been 3 weeks and if he can't respect your boundaries over something like that and just jerk it instead like a respectable guy would do, dump him. He'll just be dead weight making you feel worse and worse.


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