He is taken?

there's this guy I like. recently a girl posted on his Facebook " how are you?are you and kelly still together? ". well kelly posted that she liked that comment then said "come down and visit". so I guess she knew the girl who posted the comment. this kelly girl has also left recent comment clearly displaying her and the guy I like still hang out. comments like " I think I left my tea at your house. how sad. and I still can't sleep"

would you assume they're dating? I'm afraid to ask and look like a fbook stalker


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  • If he is not with her they are clearly talking just the way you and him are. He probably hangs out the same way he does with you guys like to keep options open. Pretty much he's talking to both of you what you can you is just casually hint to him that your interested something like " You seem like a great guy and I love to hangout with you". Right than and there after that casually ask him "so are you talking to any other people". He'll most likely say no and you can say oh because "when I really like someone I just talk to them are you the same way?". He might say yes guys just like to tell girls what they want to hear but you have to know better. Even if he denies it and says no he may just still be talking to that one girl but at least you have made clear to him that you like him and that your interested because you have your attention on him. He'll feel wanting and take more in consideration your feelings towards him. Honestly though I have learned guys like to keep their options open that's just they way they are they need their egos stroked and what more than have a bunch of girls want him. Just go with the flow now that you know he's talking to other girls you should do the same but don't tell him. If you talk to another guy your saving yourself from getting more attached and he will realize that he needs to keep his attention on you or you are quick to leave. Unless he makes it clear to you that your the only girl he wants to be with and makes you girlfriend you keep options open to if you so like. Good Luck.

    • Well she is either an ex or a current girlfriend...thats what I have to figure out.

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  • Look like a Facebook stalker?

    Honey, you are.

    Do you talk to this dude in the real world? Like not online?

    If you do talk to him, just ask him to hang out, you'll see just from the vibes alone if he's still with this girl. And from your Facebook investigation, it seems as if he is with her.

    • Yeah we do talk in real life, but just in school.

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  • Why worry about it? Sometimes this internet/information age makes us feel like all we can do is operate in a world of known facts. Before we had Facebook or computers, you had to figure this stuff out other ways. So, don't look like a Facebook or any other type of stalker. If the guy likes you and wants to date you, he will ask you out. If he has a girlfriend or is otherwise not interested, he won't. Let it go.

  • yeah they might be :(