Not sure how to proceed with this girl , meet her at gym , do find her attractive?

i'm not sure about things , i meet her at gym and only really talked to her a couple times which i guess is better than nothing and at least she knows who i'am. but i don't really know much about her other than she said she was new to town and here for work and originally from another city. she's always been there alone and doesn't seem to be any guy , she's also pretty good looking so i'm definity interested.

but i'm not sure if she just found me annoying or though i enjoyed her tight yoga pants too much that she was wearing , i'd be very comfortable with idea of having sex with her but realise she might be not interested or want to get to know me first , don't know if i should try and work out with her at gym or ask her out?


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  • Do yourself a favor and ask her out. I mean you've already had a conversation with her and know a bit about her so take it one step further and ask her out. Ask her out for dinner.

    • though about that but isn't an obvivous place rate near the gym so have to be somewhere a couple minutes away so wonder if maybe I should get to know her a bit more first or just take the risk and try to get to know her through dating

    • The place you go to doesn't necessarily have to be close. Just tell her that you know a place were you can get some good... or just tell her the restaurant were you want to meet. Your going to have to take the risk anyway and dates are are for the sole purpose of getting to know someone better. The only other option is if and only if you're a natural charmer/flirter you can try to flirt with her while your working out together. The goal is to show her that you have a romantic interest in her and not necessarily a friendship. In other words avoid the friend zone my man. Good luck!

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  • Lol you enjoyed watching her in yoga tights and are very comfortable with the idea of having sex hahaha!! You have a way with words my friend lmao

    • well if you saw some of the exercise she was doing with her butt , you would of glanced over too. I just though she looked like a fun girl to have sex with compared to other options in town, mean she's young , in good shape and has a nice body , sort of an exotic too more European. French background than other girls around here

    • lol ya i totally would have looked bro! lol

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