Modeling, do people truly understand their own perception of realistic?

Men do you feel the pressure to be tall and muscular like I do. I keep seeing these new campaigns for female plus size modeling and I can not help but think almost all of these female models are 5'9 and above. Same goes for male models, almost all of them are between 5'11-6'2. Most women seem to think that this is now the average height for a man, which it is not, 5'9 is the average height for men in the U. S.

Men do you feel the pressure to be muscular and tall?

Women, do you ever think about this when dating? It seems hypocritical that I get told to not want skinny women in the media by campaigns like #imnoangel and women can turn around and say I want a tall and muscular man.


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  • Don't make this a one way thing. It goes both ways.

    • How so? I am asking this sincerely and hoping not to argue. Very rarely can people evaluate their own perspectives, which is why I posted this. This is really for introspection.

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    • Oh alright, my bad. I thought your were insinuating people usually find it unattractive. I've never seen a guy with that stuff though only girls and it's always been attractive to me. Your the first person who's ever mentioned it to me by name. Most dudes like those really thick thick women but those are the women that usually end up with saggy boobs, saggy butt cheeks, and cottage cheese thighs by the time they reach my age lol..

    • Sorry I kinda took over your discussion lol carry on im at the gym now anyway

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  • I feel the pressure to be fit and look presentable because of my job. I do like the idea of me being muscular but i don't pursue it. It takes a lot of work. :p

  • It's not like you can "feel pressure" to be tall; of you aren't tall, you can't do shit about it.

  • Nope.

    Despite popular belief, the world can't make you hate yourself. It can sure provide a lot of distractions and incentives to do so, but you're in no way obligated to succumb to pressure especially when all it takes is the simple realization of "hmm... so I can decide for myself how I want to feel and be comfortable with?".

    I've always been the "lone wolf" type of kid/guy. If I didn't like or want to do something that everyone else was doing, I just didn't. The more they pressured me to, the more agitated I would get. That little voice in my head was screaming "I JUST WANT TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. WHY CAN'T I JUST DO THAT AND EVERYONE LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT IT".

    I still experienced social pressures and whatnot growing up but sometime shortly after graduating high school, I had this simple epiphany. "I don't have to do what everyone else does, believe like them, behave like them, or have the same insecurities they do. I want to be free from all that, so... now I am".

    And from then on, I learned over and over again that I have the urge to do what I want to do and the ease of ignoring what other people try to do about that. Hell, most of them don't even know why they do what they do, so why should they influence what I'm doing?

    So yeah, all of this to tell you: if you get in on that whole game of wanting yourself to look like what everyone else wants people to look like, then don't get upset when your individuality and freedom goes out the window. It's not easy standing on your own with the whole crowd looking at you, but then again that's probably why they're "the crowd" and hardly anyone is comfortable doing/believing/thinking what THEY want.

    It's up to you, not the media or anyone else.

  • "Men do you feel the pressure to be muscular and tall?" <--- hahahha is this a joke? that would be my nightmare basically!


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