Does it bother you when your girlfriend/boyfriend does/did this?

Let me begin by saying I'm new to relationships, so I'm curious to see if this is normal and if I should just brush it off.

Me and my girlfriend of two weeks text a lot throught the day. She works and I work. So there are times when we're texting normally, and then she does't text back for about 3 hours, claiming she's been super busy. BUT, during that time period, she's posting things on Snapchat and or "liking" things on Instagram.

Other times, while she's home, I send her a text, she does't reply for about 20 minutes. She updates her status on Facebook, people comment on her status, she's automatically responding to their comments, but not texting me back. Sometimes she texts me back 30-40 minutes later, even though she's replying automatically to people's comments.

So my question is, am I making too big of a deal out of this and I should just brush it off? Or should I be worried? Because it truly bothers me how she has time to post on Snapchat and "like" things on Instagram, but apperantly she's doesn't have time to text me back.

Thank you for the advice guys!


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  • It's fine! Don't worry about it at this point it's too early in the game to be worrying lol you're supposed to be having fun! So have fun!


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