Does he want a relationship or not?

He asks me out on dates, asks me how I'm feeling every day, what I'm doing that day, he also talks about himself. We went on three dates and I've already met his family. He says he likes me, but wants to take things slow. Yet he sends me naked pictures of himself to me which he says means nothing to him. It's just a part of his body. I'm so upset now. I want to find the perfect guy to marry and have kids with. I know it's way too soon. But it seems like after my ex of 4 long years broke up with me, I can't find anyone that wants a relationship. I see other friends of mine that are happy that they found someone and that they love. Why won't it happen to me? Am I cursed? I don't want to sound desperate, but I'm jealous of other people that are expressing their love all over the place. I want that feeling also. I'm 32 years old and just feel like I won't find that person.
Also it could just be my hormones talking because they want some loving. So we're just friends with benefits for now. Meaning just cuddling and kissing. Even though I already felt a spark on the third date. I'll wait a year. If nothing comes out of it, I'll have to find someone else.
He's 5 years younger then me and my younger sister who is the same age as him, set me up with him. Ugh guys, they never know what they want.


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  • How would you feel if I wrote "Girls always. . ." or "Girls never. . ." and I lumped all women together? Men are not all alike. This particular guy sounds like he has no idea of what he wants. The problem is not as simple as determining whether he wants a relationship. Suppose he does. You want a man to marry and that means you want someone who knows where he is going and who has a clear vision of how he intends to get there. That does not sound like this guy. You want a husband and children and you're in your 30's. Time's awasting. Drop this guy and keep looking. Try some of the online dating sites and, if you've already tried that, consider expanding your search parameters (like consider guys who are a few years older than you.)

    • I've went out with a lot of guys and it seems like they just want one thing. I tried online dating and it's the same. I always get the creepers online too. I've also tried dating guys older but they're not interested because they think I'm much younger then them because I do look very young even though I'm not and they don't believe me when I tell them my age. So I'm just out of luck. I don't care if you would write girls always... or girls never... I'm gonna keep it going to awhile and see how it goes. We have both rushed into relationships too fast before and we both want to take it slow. I've got plenty of time to have kids/get married. My sister is also in a current position like I am and she is just taking it slow too.

    • I wish you the best of luck.

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