OWhen a guy always initiates contact does it mean he has feelings for the girl?

Been dating a guy for 8 months, a few months ago he started always initiwting contact and initiates a few times a day. does it mean he has feelings for me or cause he's bored? i know he's not using me for sex because when we do hangout we dont always have sex cause he gets tired from work so we just cuddle.


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  • If you're having sex, yet not in a relationship, you have NO proof he is not using you for sex.
    Even if you "don't always do it, but only cuddle".

    I am not saying this to hurt you, shame you, or anything, but guys generally don't date women they can drag into "friends with benefits" arrangements. They just cross her off their list of "possible future girlfriends/wives". She becomes just another lay with NO chance of turning back on it 95% of the time.

    But in some cases, he wants you for long term and is truly interested. If he's always calling you, bringing you into his life, social groups (important!) and building rapport in a non-sexual way, you have good reason to hope he is not using you.
    Remember, you can't know it, but you can still hope.
    I wish you luck and please be careful. Don't give your heart up too early. :)

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    • I understand what you're saying. He has commitment issues but were pretty much gf and bf but he's just scared of tge while thing. He does call me his gf at times but then he gets scared so its tis ongoing circle

    • It's ok, perfectly understandable he's just testing the waters. But please trust me when I tell you this, don't give him your heart just yet. Create a bit of distance if you have to.
      Men will pull this shit all the time "I'm just not ready", if they only want your body, but not you.
      A man who really wants you will be ready. So please wait for that. Don't think you have to do anything to "persuade him". Don't think ANYTHING BUT full commitment and true dedication is proof he loves you. Don't settle to be "sometimes called girlfriend". That's nothing. Don't read into it, don't wonder and jump trough hoops, wait and wait, don't care about his "insecurity" one bit. ONLY one thing counts and that's real commitment.
      If enough time passes and you fall for him, while he's still messing around, it will break you. Please be careful.

  • It sounds like he likes you


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