Should I take a break or break up with my boyfriend?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been "dating" for almost a year now but I have concerns,
1. We barely see each other like only 6 times throughout the whole time.
2. He gets mad when I go out with friends but I try to invite him though
3. He talks about sex when it makes me feel uncomfortable.
4. He's in college, I'm in highschool.
5. He always has an excuse in why he can't see me.
6. Gets mad when I tell him something I'm concerned of
7. My parents don't like him because he never comes around.
So what do you people think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Move on. You sound more mature than he is. If you don't you're just accepting that he can use you at his convenience.

    Nope, you deserve someone more considerate of you than that. Nip it!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I say break up. It's absurd for him to get upset with you for hanging out with your friends and disrespectful of him to bring up a subject in which you are uncomfortable, sex. plus you hardly see each other. You're young! Have fun and spend time with people who dint try to cmake Myron you and make you uncomfortable!


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What Guys Said 4

  • He is in college and you are in high school? He is out of your league. He should be dating college girls.

  • 1. 6 times every... week? Month?
    2. He doesn't like your friends? Red flag.

    • Oops forgot the rest..
      3. Lack of respect maybe?
      4. WWell this doesn't really matter, its not a big age difference
      5. I remember this excuse... rreally cheap one -.-
      6. Lack of respect again, not a good listener
      7. I trust myparents when its about a girlfriend of mine. Most times they told me something about her they were correct. Be it a good trait or bad.
      I think that you could take a break if you dont want to lose him completely and see if he will change. If it doesn't hurt losin him and your relationship hurts well.. iit might be better to end things completely..

  • Get rid of him he's stringing you along

  • Break up, no contest. You want to date someone who makes you feel good and who you can actually be with. He's distant and kind of mean sounding. What value is he bringing to your life?


What Girls Said 1

  • Your best bet is to find someone else. there's plenty of guys out there that will understand and want to be around you.


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