I'm going on a date with my FWB?

Me and this guy have been hooking up for a year (Since April 2014). I'm 20 he's 22. We usually see eachother once every other week. Basically a super laid back relationship and we're like friends with benefits.

Last weekend when I saw him, we started talking about food/restaurants. I started talking about this unique restaurant I like in the city and he thought it sounded awesome and that we're going to go. I told him I have exam finals for the next 1-2 weeks so it'll have to wait. He said that's fine and told me to text him when I'm finishing exams. So in my head I'm like oh ok guess we're going on a date, and that I'll text him soon.

A week goes by and I haven't texted him yet, so he did lol. On Friday he texted me " hey what are you up to tonight :)" I responded saying I was out of town tonight w friends but that I finish exams on Wednesday so we can go out then! But I never got a response, so I thought he wasn't down to go out anymore :(

Tonight he texted me saying gooluck with my final exam and if I'm seeing him after on Wednesday. I was like umm you never responded so I thought it wasn't a go? He said "Oh no we're gonna go lol, you should you have known I've been about it by now", and then he called me right after he sent that and asked when he can see me.

So now I'm seeing him on Friday and he's picking me up. First time going on a date with a friends with benefits (He's making it a date, right?) Any tips since he is like my FWB?


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  • Hmm have you checked if it is a date, or really just a friend thing? Hmm try not to come on to strong is all I have to say :)

    • I have no idea! How will I know if it's a date or a friend thing when I'm there?

    • Depends on how he acts I suppose, how much does he flirt with you on a regular basis, and then compare that to on the date etc

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