Ineed an opinion on a guy whose overwhelming but nice (sorry it's like a novel)?

So my friend set me up on a date with her boyfriends friend, we were texting before and he had known of me before and said that he always thought I was pretty and things like that. We went on the date and it went ok, he seemed sweet but was a little annoying but I thought maybe it was nerves, he wanted to hang out the very next day and I told him I couldn't so we hung out the day after and he introduced me to his family and I had supper with them which was all really weird and then we watched a movie in his room and that was okay. When I went home, like our first date, he texted me to make sure I made it home alright. The next day some friends were going to the bar and we we re both going and staying in a hotel with a group. In front of other people he was so embarrassing and I was more attracted to some of his other friends than him. I got angry and he was confused and then he tried to cuddle me all night. I was angry and embarrassed and the next day I told him I wasn't interested in a relationship but we could be friends (and will have to be because of our dating friends) but now two days later I miss talking to him because he was really sweet (sent me good morning texts, told me I was amazing/perfect, made me feel better about my insecurities, I feel like I'm boring and we have similar interests) but also had cons (introduced me to fam way too early, talked about a relationship after our first date, has an annoying air about him, pouts when he isn't happy, and I'm just not super attracted to how he looks) [also he told his friend he thought I was like one of the most beautiful girls ever] I worry that I might be passing up a nice guy but is nice really good enough? Should I not be excited to talk about/show off a guy that I like? Can someone just confirm that I need a more chill guy?


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  • No cuz if someone confirms you need a chill guy that's what you want to hear and that's no helping you. Relationships and dating are not easy if they were there would be no GAG asking questions.

    I think you should give this guy a chance but tell him how you feel about the cons.

    • Yeah but i was talking to some girls that know him and they were telling me when you give him even a little emotion he becomes crazy attached and that he can be an asshole even though he is super sweet. I don't like to go off of what others say but all the girls I know who know him were discouraging me from Going for him and my bestfriend is really annoyed by him,

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    • Okk thank you haha just needed to hear that he's crazy! He was already making plans for the summer when I had only known him three days, ok I feel better about not talking to him, I was just feeling shitty because after talking to someone for like a week straight not talking to anyone is weird and I feel like my friend is going to start spending less and less time with me as she gets closer with her boyfriend and I'm just going to be single and have no friends and I'm feeling sorry for myself

    • Yeah like meeting his parents I could get passed that if a girl did that to me. I would need to tell her that. But now what you have told me the guys is just to involved ya know? Like lets go slow and see where it goes first. That would be like going on a first date and asking the person to be their date to a wedding in 3 months.

  • You go for whatever you like. If you don't like him, don't date him. It's that simple.


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