How do I ask my boyfriend to call me more? he never does....

i've been seeing this guy for 1 1/2 months and it's long distance. I see him once a week...other than that, we NEVER talk to each other or text or Facebook or anything! I know that he likes me but is I'm the one always initiating the convo by say: hey I'm in town this weekend wanna chill?...anyway, how do I tell him (without offending him) that we need to communicate more and that I don't want to be the one always doing it? also at what point of a convo should I mention it?


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  • I told my girlfriend this once, even though she's only an hour away we mostly only talk online and not over the phone because she's working on papers for college & all. I simply said "Hey, we haven't been talking quite as much over the phone and I'd like to do so more when you have the time"


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  • Simply be like "Hey, lets talk more - call me up" Something that like shouldn't offend him. You like him and enjoy talking to him, I'd think he'd be flattered.