How would you feel if the guy you're dating likes other girls pictures?

I understand liking a selfie or some shit like that, but I'm talking about liking those pics of girls wearing shirts where you can see their nipples and they're in thongs and stuff. I'm talking to this guy, which we're pretty much together we just aren't official I guess. I see him liking pics like that on instagram and I try to ignore it and it doesn't bother me much But if at some point it Did, would I be overreacting? I Get the whole "you can see but you can't touch thing" but I feel like it looks bad. I have a friend who's been in a relationship for 3 years and he likes pictures of girls half naked and I feel like that just looks really bad.. And it's disrespectful so I can only imagine it being the same with this guy and I.. I don't know what do you guys think? How would you react?


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  • Keep in mind that guys are beating off and watching women on the internet on a consistent basis when they are single and don't have a girl at their side. It doesn't mean he's prioritizing those girls over you.

    That said, he should probably tone it down if he becomes official.


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  • i honestly dont carte unless it's an overly sexualised photo and it's happening very often.
    i guess the only unfortunately answer to this is some 'boys will be boys'


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