Is this how I'm supposed to feel after a while of talking to a guy I liked (By like I mean I was initially just physically attracted)?

I'm confused because I've never really felt like this before.

First I was too scared to talk to the guy then I'd just end up staring like a creep.
Then I finally got over looks and tried to hide my feelings so I could act normal around him so we actually did end up speaking and I wasn't staring 24/7

Later my old feelings came back where I'm nervous, butterflies, heart skipping a beat. After I got to know him a little more, that died down but I was still a little nervous.

Last time I talked to him I wasn't too nervous but just happy & excited but not comfortable.. Yet

I never usually talk this long to a guy I like I usually just stay nervous with the butterflies


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  • Sometimes you're better off as friends once you get to know them you realize that


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  • Ahh young people. It just means you've established something and there's nothing to be insecure about now

  • It's different for everyone


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