Is it better to keep my options open with guys at this age or should I start narrowing my options down?

I have been talking to quite a few guys lately all of which I'm interested in and are interested in me. I feel bad about potentially leading so many on at once. Should I start cutting down on my options?


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  • well while you are only talking to or hanging out (without getting physical) you can be in contact with how many guys as you want to.

    Try to start focusing on 2 or 3 max thou, it gets confusing otherwise. The important thing is also that the guys know that there are other competitors in the race. If they know, they can decide on their own if they want to hang in there or split.

    Eventually you'll fall for one more than the others, and when that happens you need to cut off the other guys and focus more on your potential boyfriend.
    If not, he will feel played. Always think about stuff the other way around, how would something make YOU feel if you where on the other side.

    have fun and be safe :-)


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  • Yes you should... It will make you a bad person... if you keep leading so many guys on...

  • Do as you please, but be honest about it. Nobody likes to be led on.

  • You're 16, you've got your whole life ahead of you


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  • If you're not old enough or ready to marry than you shouldn't be looking to date... Period. Focus on yourself and enjoy your single life for a while.

    • if she is not ready to marry? really?
      she can date as many dudes as she wants to. Dating does not mean sleeping around either.
      She has to date, have fun and once she decides on a guy, she can go further.

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    • You make some valid points as well hun. Maybe it comes down to a healthy balance of self respect and self awareness eh? Even though I married young, without any dating experience whatsoever, if I could go back and do it over again I would have loved to be single for a little longer. When you begin a relationship you risk the relationship becoming complicated or committed, in which case you have a sense of responsibility to that person. Whether you intially began to date for fun or for marriage, if you aren't ready for the responsibility of being accountable to another person, you shouldn't be dating in the first place. I've found that even if we got our heads together, other people may not. And even though we like to think otherwise, we are accountable for our actions, words, and deeds when it come to the people around us. Regardless of one's intentions. As I was saying earlier, I would've loved to have had more freedom and time to myself in this regard :)

    • see! that is exactly the freedom I am talking about! Dating does not mean it will necessarily be a long term thing, it does not mean it will be just sex either. It does not mean that single life and friends are over. It can be something in between. I am glad that women have many more choices nowadays and can pick the live they want more freely. Just because someone pops the questions, you don't have to say yes either... people wait much longer now to marry. and that's good.
      I got married in my mid 20's, and was with him 15 years in total. It didn't work out. Divorce. then I was single again for a while. Lots of fun. Now I am engaged to a great guy. Life is constant change. The important thing is to make the best of it. the worst that can happen is that someting was a mistake, but shit happens sometimes. One has to learn from it and move on.

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