What do women hate guys who smoke?

I want to know why do you hate guys who smoke cigarettes I'm a smoker myself and it is just so funny/interesting/amusing that women call this a deal breaker.

To give you a better understanding from where i'm coming from this is how I see this

When a guy smokes weed nobody bats an eye
when a guy smokes cigarettes everbody loses their minds

(I actually have smoked weed at age 14 then stopped at 18 because it made me lazy and made me not care about my future which is the reason why I stopped the reason I say this is because I want to let the idiots who don't read things completely and just write out there ass know I am not biased and I like saying "Imbeciles did you even read this post completely and theyre all derp")


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  • I smoke cigarettes and I don't care if a guy smokes cigarettes. Smokers usually tend to date smokers. Non-smokers usually tend to date non-smokers. It has nothing to do with gender. Guys who don't smoke don't often like girls who smoke, either.

    • I like what you said its just if a woman likes a guy smoking shouldn't be an issue in any way shape or form

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  • Because they have yellow teeth, evil breathe, evil farts. 😂

    • Dude are you really 26 ehh its funny though even if its not true my farts are fabulous xD

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What Girls Said 2

  • I dislike guys that smoke weed and cigarettes. Both are deal breakers, because both are disgusting. I can not stand kissing men with "ash tray mouth". A friend of mine kissed me while we were drunk, to this day he laughs about how I said, " you taste like cigarettes" little does he know, that's the reason why I won't date him. So no smokers of any kind.

    • I respect that xD *I also tend to carry mints*

    • What kind? Lol My dad use to carry altoids, but they got weaker, so he switched to ice breakers. Oh, yeah... My mom is a nonsmoker, but she married my step dad. My dad is a social smoker, but my step mom is a nonsmoker. It's not a deal breaker for everyone.

    • Lol I mix both

  • I have asthma so I want to avoid being with a smoker, of anything.


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  • Women don't like men who smoke for the very same reason men don't like women who smoke - it's disgusting, it shows that you prefer to ruin your health instead of growing some balls/ovaries and quitting and it instinctually gives off the impression that any children with you will be less healthy.

    • Smoking isn't the the only sole reason to why children can become less healthy you know people can be non smokers and or non alchoholics and make their children unhealthy... there are so many things that can make a child unhealthy that you can't even see be it emotional/psychological or physical

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    • Children are already unhealthy in general

    • And again, I could just quote my pevious statement about the difference. Yes, you will be unhealthy any way, but purposelessly making yourself and others around you even more unhealthy than necessary just shows a lot about you.

  • As I hate girls who smokes


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