When you go on a double date, do you think everyone is fair game?

I mean is everyone eligable to be dated by anyone at the table?
So for example, I'm there with my girlfriend and either a friend of mine or a friend of her's is there with their partner - I'm technically on a date with the other girl too right? Or even the other guy!

So does that make everyone at the table fair game to be propositioned for sex at the end of the night?
I mean we all agreed to the date right?

Give your opinion.


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  • Nope. You're with your own date (your girlfriend) and the other person is with their date. It's not a free for all unless you're swingers. If you're not, then trying to seduce the other person's date in front of your date is a dirty move and shouldn't be done at all.

  • No. Your date is your girlfriend, and your friend's date is the other girl.

    I mean, unless you're all swingers.

  • no, not in my book


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