Is this a date?

I have known this guy for a while and we'be talked before and 2 days ago we met a family party and later that night he messaged me, everythhng was great we were just talking about random things, then he asked me to go on a lunch date with him the next day but I said not yet because I wasn't quite comfortable with him. Then we talked again yesterday and we were getting to know each other it was great. I was watching a movie at the time and he said be hasn't watched that movie and if I could watch it with him tomorrow... since I'm not allowed to bring boys over to my house and I am not comfortable with going over to his he said we can watch it in his car... What does this mean? Is this a date or?
P. S. He's going to park the car in the parking lot of a park so it's not like he's taking me to some unsafe place


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