Guys, would you date me?

I am quite tall and slim with red hair and freckles.
I love to travel and I love the outdoors.
I am extremely open-minded and a positive person, and open and friendly.
I occasionally love to party.
I am quite a tomboy, although I love to dress feminine.
I get passionate about things like politics haha.
I enjoy my own space.
I am a musician.
I am not good at staying in the same place for a long time.

Yet, I don't get a lot of male attention. Is this a type of girl you would be interested in dating?


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  • I honestly couldn't say without actually knowing you, but you definitely seem to mark out a few boxes on my checklist, namely:

    Enjoying your own space but still loving to party occasionally- I'm the exact same way, I'm what's known as an outgoing introvert.
    Being a tomboy that likes to dress feminine- I've never really been big on "girly" girls, but I do have a certain weakness for ladies in sundresses.
    Loving to travel and loving the outdoors- I like to be outside during the summer months and I love to camp.
    Being open minded- It's pretty much a necessity with me, I love trying and experiencing new things.
    Being a musicain- The last one especially, making music is a very important part of my life. When it come to prospective long term romantic entanglements, musical talent is basically mandatory for me.

    That being said, you seem to have a lot of characterists that would appeal to me, personally, but I can't speak for other guys. There could be a lot of things contributing to your lack of male attention, if you be yourself and just live your life, I'm sure it'll come though. But as far as I'm concerned and with what I have to go on, hell yes I'd be interested.


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  • I occasionally love to party.
    I get passionate about things like politics haha.

    I hate parties personally, and I also hate politics, (though I find it interesting, no one knows enough to really make it worth talking to. Even if they did, they normally let emotions get in the way of the discussion and just make it a pain).

    If those were the only two issues, than I'd consider it.

  • Sounds lovely to me - I am sure there are plenty of guys your age who would like that type of person as well.

  • I hate to sound shallow but the majority of guys would need to see a pic of you

  • This is very much my type, obviously I can't say I would/wouldn't date YOU as I don't know you but you sound very much my type.

  • Yea unless you like tanned guys with slick back hair :p

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