Why would a guy you've been best friends with for a year suddenly cut you out?

We're both 17, if it helps. In short, we were extremely close, talked and hung out all the time, and told each other everything.

But lately these two people have been saying that we should go out. Every time they make couples jokes about us, or the more vulgar sleeping together jokes, I just awkwardly laugh or shudder. But he either hits the guy who says it, or completely goes along with it and calls me his girl, and tells the guy to stop flirting with me, obviously as a joke.

So ever since all that started, he's been being EXTREMELY rude to me. Ignoring me in the halls, on msn, in class. He never wants to hangout anymore, and he never talks to me anymore. When he DOES talk to me, he either insults me or puts me down.

After about 2 months of this I confronted him. I told him that I didn't know what had happened between us, and I wanted to fix it. That I really care about our relationship and don't know what's gotten into him, and if I did something to p*ss him off? All he did was deny he was being rude, said he'd be nicer, and said sorry, like it was a chore. He also said that we still talk all the time, which we don't.

I'm at a loss, what did I do to him?! I honestly have NO idea, nothings changed with us except the whole dating joke thing. I can't get through to him. I worked up the courage to talk to him and he won't tell me what's bothering him. What do I do? Will he come back on his own?


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  • He's 17. He's scared. So much testerone coursing through him at this age blinds him to reason (for the most part). I know this sounds like such a cop-out, but he's coming into unfamiliar territory. He has feelings for you and doesn't know how to handle it. So he reverts back to what he does know as a child. I'm sure you've heard that boys punch-insult those they have feelings for. Men carry that into adulthood, but to a much less extremity. Girls are still supposed to be "oogey" to him right now and he's probably been taught that "men don't cry".

    Music is said to soothe the savage beast. For a man, a soft touch on the cheek can be pure heaven, and while he may not admit it, he will, for the rest of his life, remember it. So touch him softly and tell him that you will be there for him when he needs you and he'll be yours forever. Crossing your fingers wouldn't hurt either. Good luck.

  • he wants to be with you since he's acting so bitter nowadays...


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