Why do some men get upset when you don't want to rush into anything?

I had a younger guy suggest we start dating, after telling me that he wasn't looking for a girlfriend and was just looking for "fun." At the time, I told him I wasn't into "just having fun" and was looking for something serious. About a week later is when he suggested we date. I told him that we could hang out and just see where things went, as I am about to graduate and want what's best for him and for me. He didn't take it so well - or he seemed to at the time - because he would always bring up coming over and then ask me to come to his place, which I don't do because I'm a lady. He would never come to my place. It was just weird and fishy. Eventually, I found out that apparently to him "we were just friends" and he was "okay with that." He got "just friends" from me being concerned about starting something with my leaving and his age? Really? What makes it worse is that we ended on bad terms and have to work together. >:/


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  • I think it's because they want to rush... and you don't.

    • My thing is... he first told me he didn't want anything serious, but when he found out I didn't do "just fun" he wants to date? Sounds like BS to me.

    • He might have been trying to cover up his true feelings by saying he didn't want anything serious at first.

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  • why wouldn't you go over to his place? I prefer going to a guys more because you can leave whenever you want. Its not like you can just run away when you're at your own house. I'd sit down and tell him exactly what you mean. He doesn't understand that in like 4 months you will probably be leaving for school.

    • Because his roommates were gone for Spring Break and aside from work, I don't really know him. Eh, it's over. It didn't end well. I just wonder why men get so butthurt about not wanting to date after they have just told you they didn't want anything serious. Sounds like he's telling me what I want to hear.

    • yea it sucks that its over, but I guess its just not meant to be...
      I still live on campus and so does the guy I'm currently kind of seeing/hanging out (its a stage I don't really know what to call it lol) anyways I've only ever been to his room, mostly because he has a futon and TV and I don't haha. Although I do live in nicer dorms than he does, Like he lives in the worst ones on campus and I'm in at least the 2nd nicest ones (not that that really matters, I just like hanging out with him) but I haven't got to hang out with just him since Easter Sunday... his roommate has been there every time I have been over, which isn't necessarily a bad thing bc it kind of forces us to get to know eachother and just have fun and hang out, but I also haven't kissed him since Easter Sunday lol and i really want to.
      Sorry for that, I kind of went on a tangent. But what I'm saying, is at least you could leave whenever you wanted if you were there, whereas its a little harder to just tell him to leave

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  • The same reason why some women get upset when a guy does want sex. =/

    • But, he had no right to get all butthurt when I told him up front I wasn't a "just for fun" kind of girl. That's when he changed his tune about wanting fun to wanting to date, then got all butthurt because I wanted to take it slow and see if anything was there before dating. It's whatever. Sometimes men don't make sense.

  • Because he wanted to fuck you.


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